Z0lver is a cross-platform transmission line and circuit z0lver [solver] that links schematic capture ('build'), analysis and visualization ('eval'), and fabrication ('make') of printed RF/microwave circuits

Version 1.7

Rapid Prototyping of RF/Microwave Circuits in Three Steps

Build View

Build View

Unleash your creativity! Use the build to quickly create and edit schematics of your RF/microwave circuit design.

  • Create schematics to explore the design space or implement your design in microstrip and stripline (physical) layout topologies
  • Include transmission lines, lumped elements, and canonical devices or import your own data/model
Eval View

Eval View

Test your intuition! Discover how the responsive features of the eval view can improve performance of your design.

  • Interface with the S-Parameter circuit analysis engine with a click, drag, or swipe to tweak graphing and circuit properties in real-time
  • Export important results to the local file system, push them to the cloud, or share using email
Make View

Make View

Making is everything! Create and export printed circuit layouts in the make view that are ready to be fabricated and tested.

  • Explore best practices for RF/microwave circuit layout to maximize performance
  • Export circuit artwork to common file formats (support for KiCad filetypes included!)

Developed by Raven Standard

Raven Standard ┬ęCopyright Raven Standard 2015

Support for this work was made possible by the DARPA Microsystems Technology Office (MTO) and U.S. Army Research Office (ARO) under DARPA BAA 12-64 and contract W911NF-13-C-0084.
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